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We have handpicked some courses that will enable you become a developer with in-demand skills embedded in you. We have a detailed curricullum and flexible time frame for each course.

Python Programming

Python is a popular programming language applicable in virtually every concept of technology. Python programming is employed in Web application design, network protocol routing, Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile app development, IoT Devices, Robotics and lots more. In this course we are going to equip participants with the core knowledge of python programming language, career opportunities as a python developer, introduction to python frameworks, Application Programming Interface (API) and lots more. This course is for Beginners and requires no prior knowledge of computers or programming.

Static Web Design and Implementation

Web technologies control virtually every part of the world. Every day, we use the static web directly or indirectly, in this course we fully focus on the making and machinations of this static web. The backbone of every user interface of the web relies on the existence of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), this course covers the basic to core of HTML, Bootstrap, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Web animation, Interface of Content Delivery Network (CDN) and lots more. They are many skills to be acquired in this course. Again, this course is for Beginners and will start from scratch hence, no prior knowledge is required.

Building Application Softwares and Database for The Web

This course is designed for participants with proficiency in python programming and static web design. Web applications are the most used technology of today. School websites, social media platforms, internet banking, management systems and several other internet based services are classified as web applications. Web Developer careers have no limit and are the most flexible and in-demand career opportunities of today. This course will cover the creation and management of web applications, introduction to database systems, integration of backend technology on the frontend.

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